Louie Louie

ImageThis is my first and only nephew, Louie August on his birth day last fall. As of yesterday, he is 10 weeks old and maybe I’m biased, but he’s pretty much the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. No really. Looks aside, he hardly ever cries and has a super laid back personality. Plus, he smiles now, so he’s even more awesome.

Since I live with my sister and brother-in-law, I take care of Louie a few days a week. Before this bundle of joy, I had never taken care of a baby in my life. Never fed a baby. Never changed a diaper. Nada. But, it came pretty easily and I’m in love. Now I dread the day I have to leave him for half the year.

Of course I’ll miss my parents, my sisters, my friends, and my life in Portland, but for some reason leaving Louie behind seems like the hardest part of all. I’ve only known the little guy for a couple of months, but babies have the amazing ability to make you fall in love with them immediately, especially if they’re family. Maybe this sounds stupid, but I think my biggest fear about leaving him is that he’ll forget me. I can deal with leaving behind a warm bed, a fridge full of food, and indoor plumbing, but leaving a person behind that you love is so much harder.

If she doesn’t know it yet, I’ll be forcing my sister to send me photos of Louie A LOT and hopefully get some Face Time in when we’re in town every once in awhile. Most of the time my phone will be turned off, but I know that seeing Louie even for a second and hearing about his new milestones will make my day and will help me get through rough times out on the trail. And whether we reach Katahdin or not, I’ll have story of a lifetime to share with my little nephew. And you never know, maybe someday he’ll be a thru-hiker too!

2 thoughts on “Louie Louie

  1. Lindsey this is beautifully said and I agree leaving behind Louie will be tough but I’m sure you’ll be an even better Aunt upon your return. I to will share any Louie time or photos i get in your absence. xo Heather

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