Hanging at the Hiker Hostel

We made it! After 12 hours of travel from Portland, Maine to Dahlonega, Georgia, we are at the Hiker Hostel. We’ve got our packs all ready and have met a few of our fellow thru-hikers already. I really don’t think this whole thing is going to feel real until we actually start hiking tomorrow.

The Hiker Hostel is an awesome place. It’s a nice cabin, very clean, and lots of things to do to pass the time. I took a nap this afternoon just because I barely slept last night. We took a walk around the grounds here and I was able to call my parents one last time before I depart and they depart for Spain tomorrow.

I plan on taking a nice hot shower and going to bed early tonight before starting our AT thru-hike tomorrow. TOMORROW. I can’t believe I’m actually saying that after a year of planning and waiting and wondering if we would actually make it here.

I will try to update as much as I can once we start hiking, but I’m not sure what the service will be like out there and I’ll have to preserve battery life on my phone. Be on the lookout for a post on the beginning of our hike. I’ll get to it hopefully within the next few days. And remember you can always subscribe to email updates and you’ll get an email notification every time I update my blog.

We’re here. We’re ready. Let’s do this thing.

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