Day 1: Springer Mountain Shelter to Hawk Mountain Shelter

It was a perfect day of hiking for our first full day on the AT. Sunny and temps in the mid-60s. We met some more thru-hikers today and it looks like most of the people that we started with have moved on ahead of us. Hopefully we’ll see some of them again soon. We met Woody from Mississippi who has been following my trail journal, so it was nice to meet him today. The hiking today was really easy and we flew through 7.9 miles to Hawk Mountain Shelter and made it here in less than 4.5 hours. We debated as to whether we should keep going, but we decided to stop and continue with our plan to do shorter days in the beginning. It gave us time to meet some other hikers and wash some of our clothes.

I’m sore from yesterday, but I’ve felt more sore before, so it really wasn’t bad at all. My shoulders hurt the most and my knees were a bit sore, but nothing that I wasn’t expecting. No blisters so far either. I rolled my ankles a few times today which is also something I knew would happen eventually since I’ve sprained my ankles so many times in the past. Most of the time I just keep walking and they’re fine. I’ve probably built up some scar tissue over the years and who knows what else. If I can roll it and keep walking however, I’ll take what I can get!

Looks like there will be a lot of people here tonight since this is a popular time to start a thru-hike, it’s Friday, and it’s spring break. We’re tenting again tonight and hopefully will sleep better than last night. It got down to about 32 last night. We were warm, but the wind was so loud we couldn’t sleep. Loving trail life so far!

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Springer Mountain Shelter to Hawk Mountain Shelter

  1. Congrats on the first day and good luck guys… I’ll be following the journal. Got one hell of a journey ahead of you.

  2. good to hear from ya! 32º is bit too chilly for this ol’ gal. i freak out if the thermostat is below 65º in our house. ooie says hi and this lil’ russell family is thinking of yous guys.

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