Day 11: Zero Day in Franklin, NC

Today was nothing short of amazing. After eating breakfast, we managed to stay in bed until about 1PM just resting our legs and watching TV. I could really tell how exhausted I was because even though I slept really well last night (for the first time in awhile might I add), I still took a nap and was content with being lazy for the first part of the day.

Tons of hikers are in town because of the continuing cold we’re experiencing on the trail. There’s snow covering the trail now, with high drifts in some areas. It’s supposed to be pretty cold tomorrow night and then start to warm up after that. We have already been in town for two days, so we really don’t want to take another zero day and get too comfortable here, so we’ve decided to trek on tomorrow.

We picked up some more cold weather gear at the outfitters here in town to prepare for the cold ahead. I picked up an extra base layer for my legs for hiking so I can keep my sleeping base layer dry for camp. I also bought another pair of gloves so I have one for hiking and one for camp. I had to hike in my gloves the other day when it rained and thankfully we were staying in town, otherwise my hands would have been freezing while we were in camp. I think the few extra ounces will be worth it. Being warm and dry after hiking is my main concern in these cold conditions.

We resupplied our food and are looking forward to our next goal: entering the Smokies. Here’s to hoping for warmer weather soon!

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Zero Day in Franklin, NC

  1. Hi Lindsey and Miles. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your daily updates about your hike along the AT. You guys are doing a great job adapting to your conditions and it sounds like you are both doing very well on the trail. Tom and I are in Sarasota for part of the week and then to Treasure Island Florida for a few days. In Sarasota we are staying with Tom’s cousin Clare. She has a very nice cabin (house) in NC and it is VERY close to the AT. When you cross over Bald Mountain, if you look off to the right (east) you will see a clubhouse, golf course, nature trail and a lot of developed houses. This is called Wolf Laurel — her development. We have been there several times. If it were a little later in the year, she would offer it to you to stay. She closes it for the winter. I think Bald Mountain is after the Smokies. We looked it up on the AT trail map of NC. She also mentioned the Hot Springs area and it would be a great place for relaxation and hot springs and a message. She has been there. I think it might be out of your way but thought I would mention it. I also have been following you on Instagram:)…. Take care of yourselves. Love, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tom

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