Day 18: Mollies Ridge Shelter to Double Spring Gap Shelter

Today was a big day for us out here in the Smokies. We did our longest day yet at 19.2 miles. We didn’t plan on doing such a long day this early in our hike, but with the rain ending our hike early yesterday, we decided to stick with our original plan to make it to this shelter.

The hiking today was some of the best yet. The views were phenomenal as we climbed up and over mountains all day. We started at our earliest time yet at 8 AM. We normally start around 9, but we’ve been wanting to start earlier, so I’m glad we finally got one earlier morning under our belts so far. We climbed the famous Rocky Top this morning, which had some awesome views. We met some new thru-hikers, saw some of the hikers we stayed with last night, and we saw Joe at Silers Bald Shelter.

I’m pretty beat after a long and fulfilling day of hiking here in the Smokies, so my post won’t be long tonight. We’re tired and sore, but we took advantage of the nice weather and had an amazing hike today. We’re looking forward to Clingman’s Dome tomorrow, the highest point on the AT and hitting the 200 mile marker!

10 thoughts on “Day 18: Mollies Ridge Shelter to Double Spring Gap Shelter

  1. Rocky top is a great song. You 2 are rocking the AT, so proud of you! Stay strong and safe. So many people are asking about you. Mini sends his love. Xoxo

    1. It was great to be on Rocky Top! We are enjoying it out here and hoping for warmer weather soon. We love hearing from everyone. It was nice to finally talk tonight! I’ll call in a few days.

  2. From the NP website: “The observation tower on the summit of Clingmans Dome offers spectacular 360° views of the Smokies and beyond for visitors willing to climb the steep half-mile walk to the tower at the top.”

    I dunno, you two. Think you’re up to the gruelling half-mile walk?

  3. “….climbing up and over mountains all day”—that’s the phrase that gets me. Can’t even imagine such a thing. That sounds more difficult than a marathon for sure. 200 miles is a great achievement. Just go by increments of 100 miles until you reach Mt. Katahdin. Miles, are you really growing your beard, or are you shaving it off at every motel. Where’s the will, man! Flash Gordon is exercising her influence in this matter. Both of you are making us proud. Frank Bisher

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