9 thoughts on “Clingmans Dome

  1. You guys are amazing! I ‘m very impressed with your progress and continued great attitudes! Keep those SMILES and MILES coming!……..Sherpa……..E Orland, Me

  2. thanks for the wandering souls pics. great talking with you last night and good to see your smiling faces! 😄 kitchen wall map is now updated!!!! hey miles, i’m with frank on the beard thang – wazzup wit dat????

    1. Cool! Can’t wait to see the updated map. Beard is growing, no shaving til Katahdin!

      Nice to talk to you guys last night too. Talk soon 😀

  3. I really love this picture of you two, I will print it out. Just had a discussion with someone about the highest elevation on the trail and they thought it was Mt. Washington, which is not correct. xoxo

  4. Hi Lindsey and Miles, I just started following your journey and I really am impressed by your strength and determination. My daughter and her boyfriend just started the trail last Friday and your blogs have really given me a heads up on what’s to come, of course I’m hoping the snow is mostly gone by the the time they get to where you are. Your pictures are beautiful and clear and I was wondering what camera you are using? Lots of luck on the trail. Nancy from New York

    1. Thanks Nancy! I hope your daughter and her boyfriend are having a good experience so far and glad that I can give you a little insight as to what’s ahead. The photos I post on my blog are taken with an iPhone 4. For a phone, they take great photos. Is your daughter doing a trailjournal or blog?

  5. Hi Lindsey and Miles, Thanks for getting back to me, thats exactly what they are using to take their pictures as well. They are having a wonderful experience and are taking it slow in the beginning. My daughter is doing a blog, which I love because of course it gives some insight as to what life is like on and off the trail. I hope you are getting through the smokies Ok and I wish you both a safe journey and I look forward to reading about your time on the trail…Nancy

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