Day 30: No Business Knob Shelter to Erwin, TN

Today’s mileage: 5.8
Total mileage: 341.5

Nothing too exciting to report down here in Erwin, TN. We hiked into town by noon and checked into a hotel away from all of the sick hikers. We are still healthy and hoping it stays that way! We ran into a few people we knew at the hostel that were sick. We said hi and talked for a bit, but then moved on to distance ourselves from the germs.

We had a typical day in town: laundry, resupply, pizza delivery, shower, and lots of relaxing. We watched a lot of movies, or parts of movies at least, on TV as hung out and put up our feet for the day. Ahhhh, nothing like watching tons of rom-coms and eating Cheetos in bed.

We are doing more of the same tonight. I’m icing my knees and watching V for Vendetta. We should be in Virginia in a week!!!

I apologize for my brief post tonight, but there really wasn’t anything that happened today that was too exciting. Just your typical nero day and I’m beat. I’m so ready for a good night’s sleep after some big hiking days behind us and more to come.








6 thoughts on “Day 30: No Business Knob Shelter to Erwin, TN

  1. Rest well. BHS yardsale today. Lots of stuff from this house. Rest and good nutrition along with the hand sanitizer will do wonders to keep you on the healthier side of life. Good luch helps too though. I so look forward to your blogs in night or two ( usually when I’m staying by the kids’ door after they’ve gone to bed). Share the site with Sara V. from BHS + work.Love the other mom

  2. when you guys get to virginia, i live fairly close to the AT in crozet (not far from waynesboro.) married school teacher with three daughters…be happy to give you guys a good dinner, offer a warm shower and a soft bed, if youre interested. let me know!

  3. What is the price of Snickers Bars on Uncle Johnny’s Fence sign? It’s was 35 cents in 2003……he was a bit odd……very jealous of Miss Janet and her hostel in Erwin……..Sherpa…….bye the way, I’m working on fixing up our new business in Bar Harbor yesterday….start talking to one of the carpenters working on the store……..he hiked last year……..Charlie Brown……summitted Big K on Oct 13th……..from PA…..never went home…..loves Maine!……..small world of thru hikers……..told him about the Bare Foot sisters from Southwest Harbor……..and Mainiac…Scott Grierson who has hiked the trail several times many years ago…..once in 52 Days!……………Rita and I will be heading to trail days in mid- May…1 year reunion….if u guys would like a ride south to march in the parade let me know…..keep smiling……….

    1. Awesome, thanks! We are still not sure if we’re going to trail days yet. But we’ll definitely let you know. We’re going to see where we are, how we feel, etc. and then make a game time decision.

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