Day 33: Roan High Knob Shelter to Apple House campsite

Today’s mileage: 15.4
Total mileage: 391.2

It was a cool morning on top of Roan as we packed up and headed down the mountain to conquer several balds on our way off of the NC/TN border. We were saddened to hear about the Boston Marathon bombing last night before we went to bed. I got a text from my sister about it and it hit home for me since I lived in Boston and went to school at Emerson College just down the street from the finish line of the marathon. We don’t know much about it right now since we are mostly disconnected out here on the trail, but it’s certainly something that I thought a lot about today.

We took our time today as we climbed up and over the balds with views of Roan and the surrounding mountains. The views were incredible today and it really made me realize that my enthusiasm for this hike has not waned whatsoever. Hump Mountain had the best views of all and was our last climb of the day. We had the energy and a relatively pain-free day today as we hiked down towards our next resupply point.

Today is Teflon’s last day on the trail. He has to head back to work in Colorado with the Forest Service in a few days, so we got a good fire going tonight and had some beers to celebrate. His hiking partner Mouse will continue on, but we’ll miss Teflon for sure. We’ve hiked with them a lot since we met them on our second day on the trail.

Today we hit another milestone as we headed out of North Carolina for good! We really enjoyed the hiking there, but we’re excited to hike through the rest of Tennessee and into Virginia! I’ve got to keep these posts somewhat short so my battery will last until Damascus. It’s late for me out here. Past 11 as I type this post. Our late night fire postponed my writing tonight, but it’s a habit now that I won’t give up.

One month down and a few more to go!

One thought on “Day 33: Roan High Knob Shelter to Apple House campsite

  1. I was curious when you would hear about the sad news from Boston. I am hoping they are close to catching the people responsible for this tragedy. Glad to hear that you are making good progress on the trail. We had an awesome warm day here in Maine – sunny and 61 degrees. I may send a package to Damascus – are you on schedule for the 23rd? send me an email about that date. xoxo

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