Day 39: Zero Day in Damascus

We got up this morning and headed to Dairy King for breakfast. A local spot, we had an awesome breakfast of French toast and milkshakes. The mayor was there and we talked to him and one of the police officers for a bit before heading over to the post office. We picked up two packages there; one from my sister, Jessica and my friend Sarah and one from my mom. We got a ton of good stuff from them and we only had to pick up a couple of things at the dollar store to supplement our food supply. Some highlights from our packages include Thin Mints, Whoopie pies, Wheat Thins, Altoids, Flinstones vitamins, Oreos, toilet paper, and InTouch magazine with a fabulous photo of Kim Kardashian on the front page. We got tons more as well, so we easily filled up our food bags. It was a hiker Christmas this morning here in Damascus! I know that my mom is already planning her next package and of course, we are always looking forward to getting a surprise package in town from my family.

We spent the rest of our day preparing for the trail and hanging out at the Blue Blaze Cafe watching ESPN and eating pizza. We spent a couple of hours at the library using the computer and perusing the book selections. In the evening I read my trashy magazine in the backyard of the inn under the cherry tree. Could the day be any better? I think not.

We are finishing up all of our packing tonight and will do a short day tomorrow out of town. We have really enjoyed Damascus, its food, and its people. It was the perfect place to start our Virginia leg of the trail. I feel new energy and as much as I love being in town, I’m excited to start hiking again tomorrow. I soaked my feet in Epsom salts tonight and they feel pretty good. After a good night’s sleep and a hot breakfast, I’ll be ready to go. The trail is calling us back!






2 thoughts on “Day 39: Zero Day in Damascus

  1. As a Maine native (Brunswick) I am enjoying the trip through your eyes. I plan on being on the AT in PA, MA and ME this year. If I see the Maine flag I’ll make sure to say hello.

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