Day 44: Partnership Shelter to Chatfield Shelter

Today’s mileage: 7.1
Total mileage: 537.7 total

We woke up early (for us), at 7 with everyone else in the shelter and prepared to head into town. I slept surprisingly well last night and had no snorers to disturb my slumber. We headed to the road to try to hitch a ride into Marion to resupply. The shuttle doesn’t run on weekends, so we were at the mercy of strangers. We got pretty lucky today however, and after only a few minutes, a car pulled up with three men and a woman, all ’02 thru-hikers! The guys were getting out for a hike, but Evening offered us a ride into town. She told us about her thru-hike that year and how there was a drought during their hike. She let us pick a drink out of the cooler she had in the back and I was pretty excited to find Naked juice in there. I was actually just telling Miles about the drink yesterday, so it was strange that we were offered one today. I loved drinking them in college, so I’m glad we happened upon them during our hike. She dropped us off at Ingles, where we resupplied for the next few days. I’m getting better at buying just the right amount of food. I know what I like and how much I need for each day. I try to add in one or two new things to mix things up a bit so I don’t get too tired of all of the same food. I will say though that I tend to pack a little extra food than is necessary. I know I don’t need it all, but I’d rather have too much food than too little.

We ate lunch at Sonic across the street after resupplying. This was our first time eating there. We don’t have any in Maine, even though we are bombarded with Sonic commercials. This has happened before though. Usually about ten years after the commercials start, we’ll get that restaurant up in Maine. I’m thinking we’ve still got a few years to go. We charged our phones outside the grocery store before we headed out back to the trail. I apologize for the wait on the last four posts, but I’ve had absolutely no service lately. I only turn my phone on at night to write my blog posts and in town, so lately the latter of the two times has been the only opportunity to post. And I’m sure this post won’t come through for a few more days. No fear though. If I go a few days without posting, don’t think I’ve neglected my blog. I write every night on my tiny iPhone keyboard whether I have Internet access or not. Sometimes it takes me awhile to type out the details of my day, but I’m usually entertained by the countless autocorrects that occur every night. Miles will look over at me sometimes when I start laughing randomly. Autocorrect can be extremely frustrating, but very amusing.
As we headed out from the store, we wanted to get off the two-lane road before we started trying to hitch back to the trail. As we passed a small parking lot, a guy loading up his truck asked us if we were going to the Mt. Rogers Visitor Center. We felt super lucky today to have gotten another ride from a former thru-hiker. I cannot for the life of me remember his name and I have a feeling he is reading this right now, so I apologize for being terrible with names! He thru-hiked in ’08 with his son and was in the area doing some trail magic. He gave us some Gatorade and we headed back on the trail. He told us that Marion is a tough town to hitch out of, so we were really glad we ran into him. Thank you!!!

We started hiking around 1:30 and decided to do a short day to the next shelter to stay out of the rain tonight. A section hiker, Yolo from Germany, and Alex from Stoneham, MA who is starting her hike from here, are all at Chatfield tonight. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but at least we’ll be dry tonight.

2 thoughts on “Day 44: Partnership Shelter to Chatfield Shelter

  1. Frank here. I am struck by the brotherhood and sisterhood of hikers, past and present. Everyone takes care of everyone else. It seems to be a better world than out here back in civilization, or what passes for it. You are having lots of fun, keep doing what you’re doing!

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