Day 50: Zero Day in Pearisburg, VA

May 3, 2013


50 days into our hike and we’re taking in the best that Pearisburg has to offer.

We had a good balance of relaxation and trail preparation today. We headed back to the post office to send some winter items home and to send our bounce box ahead to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. I sent most of my cold weather clothing home, but decided to keep my thermal bottoms, coat, and winter hat for now. Mamaw B had some good advice for us and I trust her judgment, so I decided that I’d rather be prepared than save a few ounces here and there.

We headed to Goodwill afterwards where I finally decided to pick up a book to read. I had always debated as to whether I wanted to bring one along and I decided against it until now. Paperbacks were $1 and I have missed reading since we started our hike. I’d also like to have a little more reading material than AWOL’s guide. It came down to Master and Commander and The Da Vinci Code . It was a toss-up as to my preference so I made my decision based on weight. The Da Vinci Code won as the featherweight of the two. Miles picked up Cold Mountain, so we’ll most likely end up switching books in a month or so. Apparently we like books that were adapted into successful films.The Da Vinci Code is the only one I haven’t seen, so at least I’ll be kept in suspense.

We did a quick resupply at Food Lion and headed back to the motel to organize all of our gear and food. I got to talk with a couple of friends and FaceTime with one of my sisters and my parents (and dogs!) today, which is always worth it. We watched the Celtics game tonight, hoping they could take some inspiration from the Red Sox comeback in 2004, but they fell short. We soaked our feet in Epsom salts in the bathtub to help soothe some healing blisters and now we’re just relaxing. Nothing beats a comfortable bed.

We are going to do a short day out of town tomorrow, about 9 miles, so that we can ease back into our routine. We like to take our time leaving town and it’s not like we’re in a hurry to be anywhere at a certain time. The last thing we want to do is push hard out of town and injure ourselves. Plus, this was the longest time we went without a zero day, ten days since we took a break in Damascus.

We’re excited for what’s ahead, as always. McAfee Knob is coming up soon and before we know it we’ll be in the Shenandoahs, and then visiting with friends in DC!

A big shout out to my mom as it’s her birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday mom!!! You’re the best trail angel a daughter could ask for 🙂

Here an updated look at the map of our progress so far from my parents:


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