Day 51: Pearisburg, VA to campsite above town

May 4, 2013

Today’s mileage: 8.4 miles
Total mileage: 639.2

When you have a TV, Internet, and electricity, you tend to stay up later than when you’re camping. We stayed up past 1:00 AM last night and so we ended up sleeping in this morning. We still had plenty of time however to get all of our things ready before checkout at 11. We planned a short day out of town, which allowed us plenty of time to set up camp and relax.

As we were leaving town, a man sitting on his porch offered us some bottled water. The trail runs right past his house, so I bet he gets to see a lot of hikers pass through. I tried to imagine how many hundreds, if not thousands of hikers he has met or talked to from his front porch.

As we left the road near the factory in town, a rabbit crossed our path. He paused in the bushes, taking note of our every move. We had a steep climb out of Pearisburg and we met Titan on the way. He started on March 29th, so he’s really moving at a good pace. We took a break at Rice Field Shelter, a nice location with views to another town and what we think may be West Virginia. We’ll be hiking very close to the border until we head east into Daleville. There was an outlet in the shelter, but I’m guessing it’s a joke. Correct me if I’m wrong, but either way I find it amusing. The privy was almost full to the brim, so I made my time there quick.

We’ve got a nice camping spot up here on the ridge overlooking Pearisburg. We got to camp around 3:30 and have been relaxing and planning out the next few days of hiking. No one else is here as of now, but maybe one or two people will join us coming out of town. Looks like it’s going to be a windy night up here. We’re planning on getting a fire going to make some s’mores after dinner. Thanks to my mom for sending us the supplies for that!

And a Happy Birthday to my mom and my Aunt Kathy!

My family is celebrating my mom’s birthday at Massimo’s, an Italian restaurant in Bangor tonight. I’m a little jealous to say the least. Oh what I would do for a Caprese salad, gnocchi, and some gelato right now…

5 thoughts on “Day 51: Pearisburg, VA to campsite above town

  1. I was hoping to send you guys something to pick up at Pearisburg, but between my procrastination and you 2 getting there earlier than your Mom told me you would, I dropped the ball. Sorry, I’ll try to get something to you in the near future (when I catch up to your Mom at Bookstacks and get an updated address). Also, Massimo’s is AWSOME. Not a cheap night out but worth every penny!

  2. Hello fellow Golden Bucks, what a gorgeous sunrise in Grafton Notch right now! Rita and I snuck over to our little house here in Newry……I needed my AT fix as work has been very busy! Small world as this past week, while working at our new store site at the head of MDI ( we bought the old Parkadia Exxon….And will reopen after major rehab in about 2 weeks ) I’m talking to a 26 year old who was hired by my carpenter last fall……named “Charlie Brown” …. Summitted Katahdin on October 13…..hitched to Acadia, found a job, never made it home to PA…….great guy, loved his hike……we talked a long time between painting strokes!……Happy Birthday Denise!…….I’ve got to get into see u at Bookstacks!…..Hey Flash and Miles 2 go, for me your now past the psychological point of return….from here on it gets more historical and interesting……YOU guys are making amazing progress, I predict you’ll be in the Whites by the 4th of July!………Sherpa……..heading to trail days on May 16!

    1. It really is a small world; that’s pretty cool! That’s good to hear, we are still loving it out here and being in the Whites for the 4th sounds good to me!

  3. Hi! I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve had a ton of fun following your hike on this blog lately. I’m in high school and just set tentative dates and started planning for my own AT thru-hike in a couple of years and your trip is one of the hikes I’m following as a step to prepare. Even though some of your experiences have made me have some second thoughts and made me pretty nervous about committing to such a huge undertaking three years out, they’ve also made me super excited. Reading through others’ stories has showed me that this is something that I really want to do, and that because so many others have done it, I can also. Congratulations on making it so far into the hike and thank you for keeping us in the loop with your progress! I noticed lately that you haven’t said anything about doubts or morale in your blog posts, and I was wondering how that was going for you. I know you guys have reached the psychological midpoint, and I just wanted to know if you guys have had any regrets or thoughts about going home lately that you just haven’t voiced. Thanks and good luck as you continue!

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