Day 55: Four Pines Hostel to Lamberts Meadow Shelter

May 8, 2013

Today’s mileage: 16.3
Total mileage: 714.1

We are now members of the 700 Club! The AT 700 Miler Club of course.

I awoke from my soft recliner chair to the sounds of hikers preparing for the day. And guess what the weather was like? Rain. We set out around 10:45 to hike in the rain for the third day in a row. It had been raining since Sunday evening, so we were just ready for something different. At least we had dry clothes to start the day. Plus, we were bummed that it might be raining when we reached McAfee Knob, one of the most iconic places on the entire AT.

We took a break at Catawba Mountain Shelter as the rain let up. I thought it would start up again as we left the shelter like it always does, but the rain actually stopped for good. We weren’t far from McAfee Knob, so we were able to enjoy the cloudy and viewless overlook without being wet. At least there wasn’t anyone else there. We had the knob to ourselves. With no view, we took our time taking photos and getting creative with our angles. We did a few of the two of us with my camera on the self-timer. I didn’t quite get there in time for the first one it took and it looks like Miles is escorting me off the edge of the outcropping. We laughed at our attempts and finally found one decent photo of the two of us.

About an hour after McAfee Knob, the sun crept out from the grey clouds and decided to stay out for good. Blue skies appeared just in time for our time spent on Tinker Cliffs. We absolutely loved it here as we spent the evening admiring the beauty of southern Virginia. It’s hard to describe how amazing the scene was from the cliffs, but it was simply a stunning picture of rolling green hills accented by the sun’s rays. We could see what I believe was Roanoke in the distance and down in the valley was a stream running through the yards of several homes. I’ll try to upload photos soon. The photos that we took were awesome, but it was really one of those places that you have to be to really get the full effect of its beauty. I’m still trying to figure out how any thru-hiker could get the Virginia Blues. We love it here!

We are tenting near the shelter tonight since we got in late tonight, around 8. Many of the same guys from the hostel are here tonight as we all prepare to head into Daleville tomorrow. We are very tired and our feet hurt. We’re ready for a nero day tomorrow in town and the chance to clean our nasty selves and wash our dirty clothes. As I type this in the tent, I can smell my socks outside the tent and it’s quite disgusting. My only consolation is that I’m listening to The Beatles. I guess I’ll just have to let it be for now.

2 thoughts on “Day 55: Four Pines Hostel to Lamberts Meadow Shelter

  1. Congratulations on joining the 700 mile club!!!!!! Virginia has always been my favorite state of all the states I have lived in. Rich in history, beautiful mountains, beaches, but dang gone hot in the summer! Do your socks smell as bad as your shin guards did? xoxo

  2. Great journal & love your attitude! Hope the weather stays clear. As the Beatles sang:here comes the sun.

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