Day 56: Lamberts Meadow Shelter to Daleville, VA

May 9, 2013

Today’s mileage: 9.4
Total mileage: 723.5

We woke up this morning to the sun shining. It was a nice relief after all of the rain. We had a quick hike into Daleville where we’re staying for the night. As we hiked into town, we had beautiful views of the surrounding area, a reservoir, and Roanoke. We saw four vultures today. There was a nest just off of the trail, so we got a close look at them. It was very cool.

We checked into our motel around 1 and had lunch with a section hiker, Boots, we had met at Four Pines Hostel. It was hot today, so we enjoyed eating Mexican and drinking a Corona on the patio of the restaurant.

It’s just another normal day in town for us. We’re clean, our clothes are clean, and we’re well fed. We just finished watching Fever Pitch, a movie I couldn’t believe Miles hadn’t seen, seeing that he’s a big Red Sox fan. It brings back some good memories…2004 & 2007 for us Sox fans.

We’re tired and our feet are relieved to have a break. I figured out why I’m having my headaches too. Or should I say that my dad figured it out. It’s allergies. I didn’t know I had any allergies, but there must be a tree pollen in the area that I’m allergic too. My dad has had the same problem before down to the headache above the left eye stemming from sinus irritation. It’s new for me, so I’m relieved to know it’s nothing serious, just annoying. As we say in my family, I get it honest!














12 thoughts on “Day 56: Lamberts Meadow Shelter to Daleville, VA

  1. When you are near the northern end of Shenandoah there is a big black snake that likes the shelter there. We rousted him out of the shelter. They eat the mice so they are good to have around. Also had a bear in the shelter/camp area that evening.

    I am so proud of you two! I knew you had it in you to do this adventure and so glad you are enjoying your time. In my opinion learning to adapt to the trail can help you in life because we can’t always control what happens but being able to handle those things in life make the life experience a lot easier. Keep on one step at time.

    Hugs to both of you.

    “Mamaw B”

  2. bill, i agree. that is a HUGE freakin’ snake 😬 lindsey, i see you met up with grizzly adams out there on da trail!!!! (bummer, no bearded emoji’s 👎)….

  3. I sure am enjoying this trail journal. I’m headed to Springer for a section hike this evening, but will be back in a few weeks. If you two need anything when you breeze through the DC area let me know!

  4. Miles,
    Loving the beard. Looking forward to the poetry that’ll be born on this trip. I will continue to live vicariously through you both on this epic adventure.

  5. Great photos! Good composition. The one of you sitting on the rock overhang, Lindsey, triggered my acrophobia however — jelly belly.

    You’ll be following the pollen for a whlile as you travel north. You might want to pick up some over the counter antihistamine. I use Claritin but there are newer ones available now. Ask the pharmacist. I got those headaches you describe for a year or two in spring and fall eavery time I moved to a new area until my body got used to the allergens and built up antibodies. The antihlistamine does help my allergic sinusitis.

    It is so good that you two can have this experience, and have it together. It is broadening your knowledge of yourselves and each other and broadening your horizens, figuratively and literally. We continue to enjoy it vicariously as we read your blogs and follow you on the map we bought in Hot Springs.

    We feel certain you’ll go all the way.

    Love, Grandma Sharon

  6. Thought you you two sox fans might enjoy a little Boston Trivia. Tim Wakefield came up through the Pittsburgh Pirates farm organization that was playing in Salem/Roanoke at the time. He lived in the apt community that I was managing at the time. Super nice guy and couldn’t be happier for all the greatness that has come his way.

    Ironically now Pittsburgh is out and the Salem Sox are our local minor league baseball. Great stadium and a fun night always.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog! -Kim

  7. OK so, I’m not a snake person either. In fact they scare the shit out of me! I used to scream every time I saw one. Now its only most of the time. Crap, He was BIG! But Mawmaw B is right, they do have a purpose. I remember the vistas. There is nothing like early spring. Miles, As for the “facial hair” I’m suprised there’s more on your face than on your head! You may have a new trail name Grizzley Miles to go. The other Mom

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