Day 62: Hog Camp Gap to Harpers Creek Shelter

May 15, 2013

Today’s mileage: 21.9
Total mileage: 830.3

Happy Two Months on the Trail to us!!!

We actually started hiking at 8:30 this morning. That’s really good for us! We knew we had to put in a long day, so we were a little more motivated to wake up earlier. The terrain in the morning was fairly easy with no major climbs or descents. We stopped for a break at the next shelter. As noon approached, it became hotter and more humid.

We climbed The Priest this afternoon, our last 4,000 footer until New Hampshire. The climb was short, only about a mile and way easier than the climb for SOBOs. We had a long descent down The Priest, which I would not have wanted to climb on a hot day like today. We took a break at the shelter near the top and had to refill our water. This was the first time that we’ve had to fill up our water during the day. Other times, the water we start with in the morning has always been enough to get us through the entire day. But when it’s hot and the sun is beating down, you need to drink A LOT of water. We dunked our Buffs in the cool stream before moving on to finish out the last miles of the day.

The descent down The Priest was a long one. We passed over Cripple Creek near the bottom and stopped there for a short break to cool off. The last climb of the day was up to the shelter and we were so got and tired that we just wanted to finish for the day. Of course, that’s when it takes the longest to get where you want to go. Only one other hiker was in the shelter, so we set up in here for the night. The bugs are wicked annoying tonight. They are attracted to the light from my phone, so this will brief since I’m going crazy from the distraction. The creek runs right in front of the shelter and I’m sure will lull us to sleep.

Another big day tomorrow and the Shenandoahs are coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Day 62: Hog Camp Gap to Harpers Creek Shelter

  1. You have got to love the bugs in the south. Black flies are out here in full force and they miss you. At least when you get to NH you will be hiking in cooler weather. Keep up the great attitude and physical stamina it takes to do what you are doing. Am thinking amazing race next for you two???!? Louie is coming to town tonight, so you know DeDe wil be very busy with him. Pool is open for biz here, but water is looking a little dirty. I love the day of pool opening as much as manny and Stella! Lol. Xoxo

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