Month 2: Overview

Sorry I’m a little late on posting this, but it’s been a busy few days and I’ve been pretty tired at night. Here is our Month 2 overview of our hike. Enjoy the highlights and factoids from April 15 through May 15!

Month 2

Total mileage: 454.5 (78.7 more than last month)

Average mileage per day: 15.2 (13.4 for entire hike so far. 3.1 mpd increase from Month 1)

Number of Zero Days: 2 (Damascus and Pearisburg)

Percentage of trail completed: 38%

Best Hiking Day: Day 42 when we hiked in the Grayson Highlands. A beautiful day and lots of pony encounters!

Easiest Hike: Day 43. We had easy terrain and we were flying at 3 mph average.

Most Difficult Day: Day 54. We had to deal with flooding, tons of rain, everything was wet, and we were moving slow. Dragons Tooth was especially treacherous.

Worst Day: Day 36. This was an awful day. High winds and driving rain as we hiked along the ridge line in TN. We were cold, wet, and miserable.

Best Trail Town: Damascus, of course!

Favorite Mountain: Hump Mountain in the Roan Highlands.

Favorite Camping Spot: Hog Camp Gap in Virginia

Favorite Shelter: Bryant Ridge Shelter

Favorite State: Virginia!

Favorite Trail Location Names: Hump Mountain, Brushy Mountain, Punchbowl Mountain, Salt Log Gap, Humpback Mountain, and Cripple Creek because of The Band song of the same name.

Wildlife Sightings: Deer, rabbits, butterflies, squirrels, chipmunks, turtle, several small birds, salamanders, newts, grouse (Miles has seen a few), snakes, mice, hawks, buzzards, and we have heard owls and coyotes at night.

Number of falls: We stopped keeping count, but all I know is that Miles fell more than I did this month. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Month 2: Overview

  1. I like this update. Does one part you guys have done already remind you of the hunt trail or any Katahdin trail in terms of steepness or rocks/boulders? Keep it up.

  2. Thanks for the overview, even though it is late! Besides Maine, Virginia was my favorite state to live in, I have to say. Maybe you 2 should stop taking so many zero days so you can get home sooner????? Don’t forget to pick up your box in Duncannon and load up. Love you and keep on thru hiking with your positive attitude!

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