Day 73: Zero Day #3

May 26, 2013

Our last zero day here in Virginia. It was another awesome day. We got to sleep in; the first time the entire trip that I’ve slept in late. We headed into DC to Nationals Park for the Nats vs. Phillies game this afternoon. The park is great and we watched the Nats beat the Phillies 6-1. We went to Pasha’s parent’s house for dinner and had some great steak. It was a warm evening and we enjoyed hanging out there and eating our last home-cooked meal for awhile. We watched the Pacers/Heat game and are now just hanging out at the apartment preparing to head back out on the trail tomorrow. I apologize for the short posts. You’d think I would write more since I’m on a computer, but it’s always more difficult for me to write when I’m not hiking.

To sum up the weekend: relaxing, restful, and just what we needed.






2 thoughts on “Day 73: Zero Day #3

  1. Happy that you had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend in DC! If your ETA’s have changed, can you let me know. duncannon, thursday the 6th is what i am aiming for. Elissa and I spent the day prepping for our infamous yearly yard sale. amazing how much stuff we are getting rid of. we will dedicate $20 to buying food for you from our profits. Get your hiking legs back and finish VA and your halfway point very soon. xoxo

  2. I’ve just sat & read your entire journal from start to finish! I’m so inspired by you guys! My husband & I are just getting into backpacking & are toying with the idea of doing a thru-hike. Thank you so much for all the awesome information!!

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