Day 78: Ed Garvey Shelter to Pogo Memorial Campsite

May 31, 2013

Today’s mileage: 19.8
Total mileage: 1045.1

Today was another hot one, but it was less humid. While we were still sweating buckets, less humidity was a welcome relief. Unfortunately, I had another allergy-induced headache that extended around my eye. I am so ready for this mysterious pollen allergy to disappear as we move farther north.

We took three long breaks throughout the day today. Even with the few hours in breaks that we took, we were still able to hike 20 miles by 7:30. I love days like today. The weather was nice, the terrain was easy, and we had lots of time to rest during the day. Our first break was at Gathland State Park. We took advantage of the bathrooms and trash cans there and also checked out the War Correspondents Museum. It was a small museum, but they had a lot of interesting artifacts from the Civil War. We passed several Civil War sites today, which was very interesting to learn about. South Mountain and Fox Run Gap were both places of battle during the war.

I left the park just a few minutes before Miles and missed trail magic of sandwiches, lemonade, and ice cream from Adcap. I was so mad when I found out that I had missed all the food. At least Miles brought me a soda. I waited for him at Dahlgren Campground for over a half an hour. I didn’t mind waiting. I splashed cool water on my face several times and laid down on the bench in the shade to rest. When Miles arrived, I was ready to leave. He had sweat so much that he could wring out his shirt, perspiration dripping to the ground. While Miles and Minnesota Pete took a break, I decided to head on to Washington Monument where I would wait for them there. The flies were pestering me, so I needed to start moving again.

No, I didn’t hike into Washington DC, but instead to the first Washington Monument on a mountain outside of Boonsboro, MD. It was erected in 1827 by Boonsboro citizens to commemorate the late president. I climbed to the top of the small tower where I had clear views of Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I could also see Antietam Battlefield from here. As I descended the tower, a beaver ran back into the woods. I was hot and with no sign of Miles yet, I decided to roll out my sleeping pad and read in the shade while I waited. I need to take breaks like that more often!

The last part of the day we hiked with Minnesota Pete. We checked out the view from Annapolis Rocks before finishing out an easy day of hiking. The campsite we’re at tonight is rocky and slanted. The water retrieval process was lengthy and when the wind blows just right, you’ve got a nice strong whiff of the privy from the campfire area where we ate dinner. Miles is sleeping on a rock that is protruding into his back. Not our favorite camping spot to say the least. Oh well. It could be worse!

I’m tired. The sun really does get to you. I’m filled up on red beans and rice and ready to enter another new state tomorrow: Pennsylvania!






One thought on “Day 78: Ed Garvey Shelter to Pogo Memorial Campsite

  1. Flash, congrats on all of the recent milestones and exciting events! Out of curiosity: which iPhone do you have? Do you use a writing app or how do you type your blog entries? Have you tried the WordPress app?

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