Day 84: Zero Day in Duncannon, PA

June 6, 2013

It’s been a rainy day here in Duncannon. Just like any other zero day, we did all of the usual things. We ate breakfast at Goodie’s across the street from the Doyle, did our laundry at Sunny Daze, and picked up some packages at the post office from my mom and 2009 thru-hiker, Lunatic. Some amazing food choices included by both of you that will get us through until our next resupply in a few days. Thank you, Lunatic and mom!

We were both pretty tired after our long day yesterday, and really a long last few days. I fell asleep again after breakfast, but made myself get up and get everything done today so that I could go to bed at a decent hour tonight. There are a ton of people that we know in town and we’re all hanging out at the bar as it rains outside. This is our first rainy zero day, which we’re okay with. One less day we have to hike in the rain. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so we’ll get our fair share. We haven’t had any rain in awhile, so we’ll deal with it.

We just planned out our last week in Pennsylvania and I’m really excited for my birthday coming up since my parents are coming down to visit us for a few days in New Jersey. They mentioned coming down to meet us for my birthday back in April, and I’ve been looking forward to their visit ever since. I know that we shouldn’t rush our hike at all, and we’re really not, but it’s kind of been a goal of mine to get through Pennsylvania before my birthday on the 16th. It’s all about the small goals. And not long after my parents’ visit, we’re going to stay with friends in New York who live close to the trail! We have a very exciting next couple weeks ahead of us. Heck, who am I kidding, the next couple months will be exciting!

Duncannon is a very small town along the Susquehanna River, and after doing some research today, I found out that it used to be one of the top manufacturers of sleds back in the 1920s and 1930s. Standard Novelty Works produced its Lightning Guider sleds in Duncannon, as many as 1,800 per day during its peak. You know, the wooden sleds that you could steer at the front? I had a feeling that this was a once booming town, so I thought I’d find out what their driving industry used to be. The factory was closed down in 1990, and now the AT hiker community helps out the economy. Miles also found out at the bar last night that the Doyle was one of several hotels built by Budweiser to none other than sell its beer. Even in a small town like Duncannon, there’s a lot of history to be found.

We’re back on the trail tomorrow and everyday heading closer and closer to home! Recently, I’ve started thinking more about reaching the Maine border than Katahdin. We’ll still have 281 miles left by then, but once i cross that border, I’ll feel like I’m home.

2 thoughts on “Day 84: Zero Day in Duncannon, PA

  1. Flash, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! now as I may not be able to on the 16th. I leave Tuesday for Montana and the CDT and start hiking on June 15. Don’t know how far I will get but I am at least trying. I have a new phone so hope to keep up with your blog and to post mine on WordPress also. Wish you were here to help me with the blog but I am trying to figure it all out. You will be in Maine before you know it and everything will change when you leave the trail. You will probably never be the same though. Again I am so proud of you and Miles and hope we can someday sit and talk about our trail adventures. You two are tops in my book and I am proud I met both of you. Maybe someday we can meet at Trail Days in Damascus. Happy Birthday dear young lady and many many more birthdays and great adventures. Love to both of you.

  2. Hi Miles!! Emma gave me your blog so I can follow where you guys are. Sounds like you’re having fun. You’ll be in great shape when you get back to Maine. Hope you haven’t had some of the cold temps we’ve had this spring. Miss working with you…everyone for that matter. I’m at Dennetts this summer. Lots of work but worth it. HOpe to see you when you get back Susie

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