Day 85: Duncannon, PA to Campsite near Henry Knauber Trail

June 7, 2013

Today’s mileage: 18.5
Total mileage: 1161.0

It’s safe to say that we were not pining to stay another day at The Doyle Hotel. It was another rainy, overcast day outside, but we missed our tent and the woods. After another good breakfast at Goodie’s, we set out on the two mile walk through Duncannon and then across the Susquehanna River. This was the most unenjoyable part of the day as we hiked across the bridge of a highway for about ten minutes. Trucks and cars were rushing by us as we stared at the mountains beyond. It felt good to step in the woods once again.

There were some rocks throughout the trail today, but nothing bad at all. The majority of our hike was fairly flat and it rained for most of the day. I was sweating with my raincoat on on the uphills. We took our lunch break at Peters Mountain Shelter where we met the ridgerunner for this area, Shoo-Fly. He told us all about the cicada, which are out this year, and the May flies that we saw all over Duncannon the other night. Now that was nasty. Our first night there, these white flies were everywhere. All over the lit up windows of storefronts, in the streets, and on us! They were all in the pizza place too, swarming the globular lights above the tables. We had to leave and take our pizza to go because they were so bad. I didn’t think they were good for anything, but the ridgerunner said that trout go crazy for them.

We hiked on in the rain and found a one-tent campsite about .3 from the last water source. We didn’t want to do a short 10 mile day to the last shelter and we also couldn’t go to the next shelter since it was so far away. We decided to take our chances among the rocky trail and camp in between the two shelters. We got lucky and found a spot that others had used as well. We are stocked up on food and pushing on towards New Jersey, where we plan to be next week. I’m about ready to hit the hay. As always, it’s been a full day of hiking and we’re ready for more tomorrow!

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