Day 88: Eagles Nest Shelter to Eckville Shelter

June 10, 2013

Today’s mileage: 23.8
Total mileage: 1228.2

We now truly understand why Pennsylvania is known for rocks. My feet hurt just thinking about them.

We left our campsite at 8 this morning as it rained. We were prepared for a rainy day and that’s what we got. The rain is certainly a motivator to make you hike faster. We hiked nine miles into Port Clinton before taking a break to eat. We descended a very steep downhill to the small town and ate at a picnic table by the river. Waiting longer to eat actually worked to our advantage since it allowed us to power up the steep climb back onto the ridge across the river. Honestly, the hiking wasn’t too exciting today. We had no views because of the clouds and most of the time we were traversing various rockstacles, also known as rock obstacles.

We took another break in the afternoon at Windsor Furnace Shelter where we took our soaking wet shoes and socks off so that we could dry our feet out. We knew that they would get wet when we started hiking again, but I think the air ended up being good for our feet regardless. We hung our socks and pack covers and caught up on people ahead of us in the shelter log. It was a bit treacherous hiking up to Pulpit Rock, but neither of us fell. We came close one time when Miles slipped a little. I looked up to see if he was falling and then I almost fell into a tree. This has happened to us before. We call it the chain reaction of falls. One person falls and the other person falls because they’re paying more attention to the person falling. Well, that hasn’t actually happened to us yet, but the second fall has almost happened a few times.

I don’t want to complain too much about the rocks, because we’re not going to be in Pennsylvania much longer. The rocks are hard on your feet however and they’re a little more dangerous when wet. We made up a song for the rocks today based on “We Built This City.”

We built this trail
We built this trail on rocks and roots

Hike in Pennsylvania
You’re bound to see some rocks
Every step you will take
Will be on a stone

I heard there’s lots of rocks here
On the Pennsylvania trail
Don’t you remember that
We built this trail
We built this trail on rocks and roots

Repeat chorus x2

Cheesy doesn’t begin to describe our attempts at songwriting, but we’ll keep trying nonetheless. What else do we have to do while hiking all day?!

Another AT song adaptation today was, “Baby Got Pack.” Apparently that song adapts well for songs about the AT.

We were soaked by the time we got to the shelter and not to my surprise, it was full. It’s a bunk room off the road in Eckville with a caretaker’s house right next to it. With the heavy rain, we knew there was a good chance that it would be full. We are tenting, all of our hiking clothes are soaked, and a lot of other things are too. We are really hoping for clear skies tomorrow so that we can dry our gear out. The upside to hiking in the rain all day: my fingernails are squeaky clean.

Some of you have asked for more mail drop locations for sending us packages. We will be figuring out some towns and ETA’s this coming weekend, so I will post those locations soon.

One thought on “Day 88: Eagles Nest Shelter to Eckville Shelter

  1. Next stop Palmerton, great trail town (easy hitch into town). Then Delaware Water Gap (good eats at the Pizza shop in Wind Gap, and easy hitching from trailhead into town there) in a day or a day and a half. Then beautiful NJ, although NY is a drag. But you can deli hop all the way through NJ, NY, and even CN.

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