Day 95: Sunrise Mountain to Unionville Road

June 17, 2013

Today’s mileage: 16.8

Total mileage: 1339.9

Today was our second and last day of slack-packing while my parents are still visiting us here in New Jersey. My dad hiked the first few miles from Sunrise Mountain down to the first shelter with us. He was our first “trail guest” of our hike and he really enjoyed hiking with us. Hopefully this won’t be his last time hiking with us and he’ll get to join us in New Hampshire in Maine. He turned around and headed back to the parking lot after we arrived at the Mashipacong Shelter and we continued to head north through beautiful New Jersey.

We took one break today at High Point State Park, where we encountered some trail magic from a guy giving out sodas, beer, and fruit from his van. We supplemented our snacks with some of his food and soda and then headed on towards the highest point in New Jersey. We realized that the tall tower that we could see from our hotel was the very tower in High Point State Park that we hiked by this afternoon. It was another hot one, but definitely not the hottest or most humid day so far and no rain. The trail was very muddy and wet from all of the rain that we’ve gotten lately. My new Brooks shoes are covered in mud and hardly look new anymore. There were also many ticks out and about, as Miles found several on him and I only found a few. My dad also found a ton on him as well. I ended up finding a deer tick attached to the top of my foot tonight when we were back at the hotel. I’m relieved that I found it because I could have easily missed it. Ticks are becoming the most nagging part of the trip. You never know when they’ll attach to you and what they can potentially do to you is VERY scary.

My dad picked us up in the afternoon after we finished hiking. We took showers and then ate dinner at the hotel with him and my mom. It was pouring rain outside for a few minutes as we sat in the restaurant and I was so relieved to be inside and not out in the woods setting up my tent in the downpour. We resupplied at Walmart and then FaceTimed with my two sisters and my nephew, Louie. We’ve got all of our gear ready to go tomorrow morning. My parents will be heading back home tomorrow and we will continue heading north. I’m very tired tonight and ready to pass out. We had such an awesome time this weekend with my parents, I’m sad to see it come to an end. The good news: I’ll be seeing them and lots of other family and friends in the next couple of months!

Be on the lookout for my Month 3 Overview of the trail. If I wasn’t so worn out tonight, I would post it now, but it will be coming soon!


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