Day 101: RPH Shelter to Telephone Pioneers Shelter

June 23, 2013

Today’s mileage: 16.8
Total mileage: 1441.4

I woke up this morning in a panic, thinking that we had slept in too late. Miles had set an alarm because he wanted to get an early start. For some reason, I thought he had set the alarm for 7:00 instead of 5:45, hence the early morning panic. Thankfully, we didn’t sleep in and got up at 7:00, about our normal time. I hate alarms. Especially when you don’t know what time it’s been set for…Miles.

We had a climb up from the road and I began sweating profusely. There’s nothing like an early morning sweat! We met our second thru-hiker today who started on April 14th. These guys are cruising and they have ultralight packs. I doubt we will see either of them again. To think that they started an entire month after us.

I found two deer ticks on me today. One had already started burrowing itself into my skin and the other was crawling on my shirt. Apparently I didn’t put enough DEET on my legs this morning. I’m so paranoid about ticks now and it’s just plain scary to think about how Lyme Disease can affect you for the rest of your life. I always check multiple times a day, but I always find them when I’m not looking. Tick fears, tons of mosquito bites, plus gnats flying in your face all day are all the negatives of the heat. Why is it that gnats find it entertaining to fly around right in your line of vision ALL DAY? This is a question I ponder constantly.

We passed by Nuclear Lake this afternoon, but decided not to swim. Not because of the sketchy name, but we were just really looking forward to getting into camp at a decent time, setting up, and relaxing. There are only two other hikers here tonight, Z-Man and Night Rider. We are tenting as usual and trying not to get heat stroke. Okay, so it’s not that hot, but with the rain fly on because of a chance of rain plus our body heat, it’s a little toasty in our cramped quarters. We are planning out our days through Connecticut and Massachusetts tonight. We are so excited to be back in New England tomorrow! Connecticut, here we come!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 101: RPH Shelter to Telephone Pioneers Shelter

  1. i’ve been looking through a lot lately to get ready for my thru-hike and love reading your blog! i just wanted to comment that i think i read on whiteblaze that deet does nothing for ticks. i may be wrong, but hopefully that info can help you out in the future if you continue to find ticks on you!

  2. I would not be a good sport about those bugs. I would be out of there!
    Your perseverance is amazing.
    Give us a new mail drop address, please.
    Grandma Sharon

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