Day 105: Undermountain Road to Glen Brook Shelter

June 27, 2013

Today’s mileage: 13.5
Total mileage: 1509.8

Our night off at Kristin and Eric is by far the most important night off the trail for us on our entire hike. As you may have read from my previous posts over the last few days, we were really struggling mentally. But, after a good night’s sleep, I felt like a new person and not the person I’ve been the past few days. We said goodbye to the cats and loaded up the car to head back to the trail. The bugs were in full swing when we arrived in Salisbury. We expected nothing less and loaded up on the DEET. We said goodbye to Kristin, our amazing Connecticut trail angel, and headed on up the trail. Again, we cannot thank you and Eric enough! We will always credit your hospitality and generosity as a major turning point in our hike.

There were lots of climbs today, but we were ready for them. We didn’t want flat, viewless hiking anymore. We wanted steep climbs again with the promise of spectacular views at the summit. We missed sitting atop mountains and eating our Little Debbie’s and Gummi Bears. We yearned for the cool mountain breeze to wash over our bodies once more. And today, we got all of that. We climbed Bear Mountain in Connecticut and ate lunch there, the highest point in the state. The breeze kept the bugs away. We’ll welcome that any day of the week. Not long after the steep descent down the mountain, we crossed the border into Massachusetts! Almost immediately, there seemed to be a difference in the hiking. Our next two climbs up Mt. Race and Mt. Everett reminded me of hiking in Maine in a more vast wilderness. I fell twice today because of the slippery rocks after the few minutes of rainfall today. And did I mention that we hit the 1500 mile marker? And as of a few days ago, we are also two-thirds of the way through our hike. How could we stop now?!

We are tenting as usual away from the bugs and away from the YMCA group nearby. I’m trying a new thing where I actually wake up early and start hiking earlier. I’ve identified one of my stresses lately as getting into camp late and going to bed late. I want to get out of that cycle, but we’ll see how it goes since I’m terrible at getting up early.

I also want to take the time in my post to acknowledge and share our gratitude with everyone who left us encouraging words on our recent posts. I always try to write honestly and openly with all of you, but never could I have imagined the outpouring of support that we would receive from so many of you after writing about our difficult days. Yesterday afternoon, we sat down and read through all of the comments from the past few days. Hearing from so many of you (and from some we hadn’t heard from before!) really has made a difference in our attitude and our will to move forward. I had never thought of blogging as a two-way street in terms of what my readers could give back to me. I always imagined that the blogger gives the information and the readers receive that information. Now I see and have proof that you, my readers, also have the power to inspire and to provide advice. All of your words and thoughts were so true and made us believe in ourselves again. We had hit a mental wall and I just wanted to let all of you know that we took your words to heart and they truly helped us continue our hike. Your positive energy has affected us tremendously and you have become a major part of our hike. I always look forward to hearing from all of you, but especially during the last couple of days. Thank you for supporting us through the roughest part of our hike thus far. I truly cannot say that enough.

8 thoughts on “Day 105: Undermountain Road to Glen Brook Shelter

  1. Welcome back to New England! Such a joy to read your daily blogs! Nice to read how refreshed you both are! Hopefully you get some cool air and sunshine soon!

  2. Way to go !! I’ve been reading your posts and following your awesome progress from the get-go. Inspiring to say the least and, quite frankly, I breathed a sigh of joy when I read you two have overcome the mental and physical trials of the past several days – well done !! You’re an inspiration to us all wannabe hikers, and I hope to emulate your adventure on my planned thru hike next year. As a “young” 63-year old retired Navy man, and single parent of five who will see my 19-year old daughter graduate Navy boot camp before I hit the trail in April 2014 (her two brothers are also Navy) I will need all the inspiration I can get !! Stay focused and safe – TTYL !!

  3. i’m so glad that your hike has made a turn for the better and you’re back in full swing mentally. reading the blogs of hikers is so inspiring and gives me the rush of wanting to be out there more than ever – especially your blog! hearing about the bad helps too, as you can vent your frustrations of the day and us potential thru-hikers can get knocked down to reality about how difficult some areas can be. the trail is an amazing experience for sure, but hearing about the bad days is also something that i will likely be thankful for in the future. good luck tomorrow!

  4. So glad your mental states are back on track. Proud of you both. Hoping you plan to turn your blog into a book. So enjoy following you1

  5. Welcome back to New England. Connecticut is not really New England – too many Yankee fans (kidding). Stumbled on to the blog while you were in GA and have been following your every post. As a fellow Pine Tree Stater (now in PA) know you have a host of people you have never met rooting for your continued success. Pamola is calling you to BSP.

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