Day 111: Mark Noepel Shelter to Seth Warner Shelter

July 3, 2013

Today’s mileage: 16.5
Total mileage: 1596.2

I went to bed before 10:00 last night, which is a miracle for me. However, I still woke up feeling tired. Hiking really must wear you down! 😉 We left around 8:30 and finished our climb up to Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts at 3,491 feet. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy when we got to the top, so we had zero visibility to the surrounding mountains and valley below. We passed around the veterans memorial and began the long descent into the Hoosic River Valley. As we neared the bottom, a group of college kids were doing some trail maintenance. They happened to be rerouting the trail, so we got to hike over a new section of trail.

After walking through the town of North Adams, we passed through a woman’s driveway and yard before making the final ascent in Massachusetts. We said hello to her as she worked on her garden and soon after came upon a raging mountain stream. It let off the coolest air the we’ve felt in a long time. We could have spent hours there, it was so calming. After a couple of miles going uphill, we took a break at the top. We sat on the granite enjoying our own food and picking some blueberries nearby.

Not long after our break, we crossed into our twelfth state of the hike: Vermont!!! Seeing the iconic AT/Long Trail sign was so exciting. With every state, we feel closer to home and now that we’re in northern New England, we’re really starting to feel close. Not to mention that we have less than 600 miles to go! We took a few photos by the sign, mud surrounding the area. I wonder if it served as a precursor to all of the mud we’ll be experiencing in Vermont. I’m not sure, but the few miles we hiked here today were super muddy. We’ve heard great things about the trail in Vermont, so we’re looking forward to slowing down and enjoying our time here. The AT actually runs concurrent with the Long Trail for 105 miles before turning east at the Maine Junction. So, I suppose that means that we’ll be hiking on two trails at once.

We met another thru-hiker from Maine today, Draggin’ Fly, who is originally from Calais. We’ve met so many Mainers out here; we love it! There are several section hikers here at the shelter and we all enjoyed eating dinner by the fire, keeping the bugs away. We are looking forward to running into SOBO thru-hikers soon who began at Katahdin. I bet we’ll see a few before we leave Vermont.

Here’s to lovely hiking in Vermont and the Green Mountains!

3 thoughts on “Day 111: Mark Noepel Shelter to Seth Warner Shelter

  1. Wow..this makes us so excited to take this journey next year 🙂 Seeing the rewards for the trials you go through… it’s what makes it worth it.

  2. Exciting that you are in Vermont!!!! I bet that will be a beautiful state to hike in. Louie and I are chilling tonight while the rest of the fam is at the Phish concert. I am listening to Murphy and Cash bark their heads off while their people are away. Did Heather tell you she sent a package? Xxoxo

  3. You passed through close to my home! Toward the beginning of the hike, I said I would love to meet you in Dalton. But I am in Maine (OOB) for the summer. So sorry I missed you. Wow! You are really moving along!

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