Day 115: Winhall River to Manchester Center, Vermont

July 7, 2013

Today’s mileage: 8.7

Total mileage: 1647.8

We had a fairly easy day of hiking into town through the continued mud, rocks, and roots of Vermont. We ran into Kyle, his girlfriend, and his parents as we were hiking towards town. Kyle has been reading my blog and recognized Miles as they passed each other. We enjoyed talking to them about thru-hiking as it began to rain. Kyle was thoughtful enough to save us two peaches from his food supply since he knew he would run into us that day. Thanks, Kyle! The peaches were super juicy and we enjoyed them during our mid-morning break. It rained for about twenty minutes, enough to get us wet, but not enough to dampen our spirits. We knew that we had a bed waiting for us at the hostel. We easily hitched into town and got a ride from Carrie, who was heading into town to check out the sales. She recommended Cilantro for lunch, so she dropped us off there. Cilantro was amazing. I ate a burrito for the first time in months and we sucked down free refills of tasty limeade. Manchester Center is a great little trail town. Everything is within walking distance and there are several great restaurants.

We resupplied at Price Chopper, picked up some Clif Bars from Eastern Mountain Sports, and picked up sandwiches at Zoey’s to eat for dinner later. We had several people come up to us and ask about our thru-hike. Everyone was very interested and one woman even offered to give us a ride to anywhere we needed to go. Lots of great people around here!

Jeff, the owner of the Green Mountain House Hostel, picked us up in town along with section hiker, Donkey. Hands down, this is the best hostel on the trail. If you’re thru-hiking or even just hiking through Vermont, I would highly recommend staying here. It’s the cleanest hostel on the trail, an entire house for hikers to use. There’s a full kitchen with breakfast food and a free pint of Ben & Jerry’s for each guest! I chose Phish Food and Miles had the Boston Cream Pie flavor. The living room has a piano and a guitar, a computer, tons of movies, magazines, and AT maps galore. We took a shower and threw on some loaner clothes while we did free laundry. We even have our own bedroom to lay out all of our gear and organize for tomorrow. And if it weren’t for Sit-A-Bit getting us a room here, we may have missed out on this unforgettable AT spot. We cannot thank you enough, Sit-A-Bit for your generosity! And I will say this again. Don’t miss out on this hostel if you’re planning to hike the AT or the LT (Long Trail).

I took advantage of the computer access and ordered a new pair of Brooks Cascadia 7 trail runners. My shoes are still in great shape; however, I decided to order a new pair to wear beginning in Hanover and until the end of our hike. I started wearing the pair I have now just over the PA-NJ border, at about 1300 miles. Hanover is the halfway point between there and Katahdin, so I figured I would take preemptive measures to keep my feet healthy and just order a new pair of shoes now. The last thing I want to do is deal with foot issues from worn down shoes through some of the most remote parts of the trail in New Hampshire and Maine. I love my Brooks, so I knew that I wouldn’t mind having another pair lying around at home after our hike. I’m not choosing my shoes based on looks for this hike, but it sure helps to look down at your feet during a long day of hiking and say, “damn, that’s a fine pair of shoes.”

A couple of thunderstorms passed through tonight, but I wasn’t phased one bit. I was relieved to be under a roof and not in a flooded tent in the middle of the woods, scared to death.

And now I think I’ll go play the piano some more and read a few trashy magazines. When will Kate go into labor?!

8 thoughts on “Day 115: Winhall River to Manchester Center, Vermont

  1. You made me laugh tonight. Not feeling well the past few days, so I need an uplift. Happy you had a nice place to stay for the night. Should be cooler weather for you soon. I have plenty of food to send with dad. Xoxo

  2. Ha! I love the nice shoes comment…makes me think I should get these awesome purple boots I tried on… even if they all end up the same color eventually 😮 I’m happy you guys are doing well!!! 😀

  3. You’ve done over 75 % of tthe AT! Wow. That is really great. You will do it! I keep you in my mind.
    Greetings from Germany. YOLO

  4. ” I’m not choosing my shoes based on looks for this hike, but it sure helps to look down at your feet during a long day of hiking and say, ‘damn, that’s a fine pair of shoes,’” LMAO. Glad you two are back in your groove. You two are are quite famous at my job, there at least 4 or 5 people that are regulars at my bar that ask how your journey is going because I won’t shut up about not being able to wait for my attempt to thru hike next year and giving daily verbal updates of your blog. Thanks again for your great work on your blog!!

  5. Glad it worked out for you. Just so you know, when you get to route 4 at Pico you can take the local transit bus (a dollar) for the 15 minute ride into downtown Rutland, In town and a block from the bus terminal there is a supermarket, walmart, and all you can eat Chinese buffet, an easy side trip to break up the day. Oh, and a day before this, at route 103 in Clarendon, the walk down the road to the Whistle Stop Café is worth the home cooked meal, they are extremely hiker friendly. And, while on the subject of good food, 23 miles before Hanover, you will come across the On the Edge Farm, they have ice cream and the BEST homemade pie on the trail (I ate 2). You’re going to really like Hanover.

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