Day 120: The Lookout Farm Cabin to Thistle Hill Shelter

July 12, 2013

Today’s mileage: 14.2
Total mileage: 1729.1

We woke up in our little cabin to a beautiful morning. Miles watched the sunrise on top of the roof while I slept warmly in my sleeping bag for as long as I could. I still have my 20 degree bag, so with the warm weather, I unzip it and use it as more of a blanket. It is so much more comfortable to sleep with it unzipped than in its constricted form. I move around a lot at night, so it gives me way more freedom.

We had been looking forward to a pit stop at a farm stand all morning called, On the Edge. Unfortunately, the pies hadn’t come in yet, so we bought apple puffs instead. I downed chips, a lemonade, and a grape honey stick along with the crispy, flaky puff. We hung out with Rabbit and Minnesota Pete there for awhile before leaving the flower-filled porch for a steep climb up Dana Hill. The humidity remained low again today, a welcome relief for all of us hikers.

The hiking today was mostly up and down small mountains, through meadows, and best of all, less muddy terrain. We still encountered several mud pits, but there weren’t as many as usual. We had to ford another stream today because of the high water level. I actually wanted to do it as opposed to going up or down stream to find a rock hop across. It cooled off our feet and gave us a chance to wash our legs off. A couple in an old truck had turned around and asked us if we needed a ride anywhere as we were putting our shoes back on in the parking lot. We didn’t need to stop yet, but it was a nice offer from them. After a few miles, we did take a break at Cloudland Market and hung out on their covered porch with two of the workers there pitting cherries and some hikers. I enjoyed a delicious block of Vermont cheddar cheese and we were able to fill up our water bottles at the spigot outside.

We arrived at the shelter about an hour after our break. We are tenting with Push-Up, Cleveland, and Minnesota Pete. We’re all heading into town tomorrow and I’m excited to hang out with my dad for the weekend! That’s not the only exciting thing happening tomorrow. If you can believe it, we will be crossing over into New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon!

One thought on “Day 120: The Lookout Farm Cabin to Thistle Hill Shelter

  1. Hi Lindsey! Thinking of you today (July 14th)…my family and I spent a couple of nights up at Zealand Pond/Mt Guot. We met “foxtrot” at the Zealand Hut. He said he hiked with you guys for several days back in shenendoahs. Thought you guys might be a few days back. Would have been great to see you along the way! You guys are amazing. Enjoy the beautiful white mountains!!! On to maine….good luck! Abby (played indoor soccer with you this winter!)

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