Month 4: Overview

Here’s a look at our Month 4 stats, a tough month for us. But, we’ve got about one month left and Maine on the horizon!

June 16 – July 15

Total miles:438.2

Average miles per day:14.6/14.3 for entire trip

Number of zero days:3 (Queens, Dalton, and Hanover)

Percentage of trail completed:80.5%

Best Trail Town:Hanover, NH

Favorite Mountain:Stratton Mountain

Favorite Camping Spot:Big Branch Shelter

Favorite State:Vermont

Favorite Shelter:Upper Goose Pond Cabin

Best Hiking Day:Day 99 (Bear Mountain, NY, break in the park, deli for dinner,beautiful day)

Worst Hiking Day:Day 103 (thunderstorms, pouring rain, road detour, mosquitoes, gnats, and hitting our breaking point)

Most Difficult Day:Day 97 (lots of ups and downs, rock climbing with full pack, very hot)

Easiest Day:Day 95 (great day of slackpacking in NJ)
Favorite Trail Location Names:Lemon Squeezer, Nuclear Lake, Tinsley Trail, Breadloaf Trail, Mad Tom Notch, Hell Hollow Brook, Jug End, Old Job Shelter, Mink Brook, Bully Brook, Minerva Hinchey Shelter, and Podunk Road

Wildlife:deer, snakes, one bear, rabbits, ticks, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, toads, newts, turtles, birds, cicadas, turkeys, fish, and ducks

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