Day 140: Spaulding Mountain Lean-To to Stratton, ME

August 1, 2013

Today’s mileage: 13.5
Total mileage: 1997.7

August. The month that we will finish. The month that, if all goes well, we will reach the end of our thru-hike. August may end up being my favorite month of the year.

We woke up to another perfectly beautiful day. After a short, steep climb up Spaulding Mountain, we skirted around the backside of Sugarloaf. It’s too bad that the trail doesn’t head up to the summit, because it’s such a beautiful view up there. We also passed by a plaque that marks the location where the AT was completed in 1937 by the Maine Civilian Conservation Corps. Their work provided the final link of a continuous trail between Georgia and Maine.

We took a break by the Carrabassett River, which we didn’t have to ford, instead using a bouncy board to walk over the river. So far, all of the fording in Maine has not had to be done, but I’m sure we’ll be coming up on some soon. We had a big climb up to South Crocker Mountain and then over to North Crocker. Apparently, this is the area where they are concentrating the search for Inchworm. Still no sign of her. The view on South Crocker wasn’t very exciting, although we could see some of the ski trails on Sugarloaf. What was awesome however, was the view across the valley to the Bigelow Range. We hiked there last August on a test run for our thru-hike. We are excited to hike there again tomorrow. It’s one of the most beautiful ranges in Maine, in my opinion.

The climb down to the road was long, but gradual. We walked down the road and then got a ride for the last bit to the house we are staying at from a woman taking Wiki, ZZ Topless, and Hooker into Stratton. We’re excited to be staying at a family friend of Miles’ camp nearby. The neighbors, Meagan and Jeff, were super nice and cooked us an amazing dinner and let us do laundry at their house. They will take us into town tomorrow for resupply. We were just expecting a place to stay tonight, but we got so much more than that. Miles’ mom brought us up some food and a few things that Miles needs as well. We are living large! At least for one night. And I was right. The nice weather wasn’t going to last long. Rain tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Day 140: Spaulding Mountain Lean-To to Stratton, ME

  1. I agree, Meagan and Jeff have definately earned their wings as Trail Angels! Not to mention just being “good people”! Thank You Jane for letting them stay at your Ski Camp.

  2. Way to go guys ! Made it to ME. I did the AT in 1979 things were a lot different then. Reading your blog from the beginning shows me how much has changed. I forded the Kennebec, no trail magic, far fewer shelters and campsites. Anyway keep on grinding them out. – Flask, class of ’79

  3. You just missed a girl who’s blog I’m following. She stayed at a hotel in stratton the same night you two were at the lean to. She’s sobo and her journal is very detailed. It’s “Karma on the Trail” on WordPress. It might give you an idea of the conditions ahead for you. Congrats on being almost home!! Keep on keeping on!

  4. Lindsay 0- just read this in the Smithonian online magazine – maybe the reason you’ve become a morning person. I am staying with friends in Carrabasset Valley this weekend and just checked out the trailhead – amazing what you two have done!

  5. Congrats on getting this far. IIRC the trail used to go over the top of Sugarloaf, and I hiked the side trail up from the AT a Few years ago. It’s not that far off the main trail and is a nice day hike of they ever get the wash outs on the access road fixed. Safe travels!

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