A Glimpse of Katahdin

A gracious follower reminded me that I never posted any photos from our climb up Katahdin. Here’s a look into our last day on the Appalachian Trail. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


I’ve received plenty of great questions so far and I still plan on doing a Q&A post soon. If you have any questions about our thru-hike, now is the time to ask!


15 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Katahdin

  1. Great pix! Thanks as always for sharing. Following the AT adventures of you two was definitely one of the highlights of my spring/summer ’13.

    “Life didn’t turn out the way I expected” Roy Hobbs–‘The Natural’


  2. My wife and I attempted a thru hike in 2007 at the age of 58. We had to abandon the journey in Virginia because of injury. Since then each year we have followed one couple who started on the same day of the year thru their Journal. We read your journal all the way and rejoice with you on your accomplishment. Thanks for your postings.

  3. Lindsey, Thank you for sharing your’s and Miles adventure with everyone. I can say I really enjoyed reading about your days on the trail and I would check daily to see if you had posted to your blog. Additionally I was excited when you arrived at Katahdin but was a little bummed to know your writinig of the trail was soon to end.
    You and Miles will go far with your dedication determination and I wish you well. I look forward to reading about your future adventures. Maybe the PCT or the CDT?

  4. Lindsey, the one of you with your arms up above your head on the Katahdin sign brought tears to my eyes. I think that’s such a beautiful photo and I’m really just so happy for you two. Congrats! And thank you again for sharing so much of yourself through this blog and chatting with Eric and I in CT. 🙂

  5. Have so much enjoyed your blog, and I’m so glad you guys made it. Congrats! I wondered if you could post a “gear review” – over the course of your hike, what gear were you satisfied with, what problems did you experience with it, what did you replace, etc.? So excited that you guys finished!

  6. These are great pics! Love the one of you both, with the expansive view behind…and all the mystery of the clouds/mist. And your Dad being there, Lindsey. So amazing, your whole journey, and what your Dad did to join you for this momentous completion 😉 Hugs, Susen

  7. Congrats once again, great summit shots!! Love to hear a bit more about your gear and food. Maybe a review of some of the best items you brought or bought along the way? Hope being back to the real world hasnt been too tough!! As always thanks for takkng all that time to blog!!


  8. Sweet! The Triumph and Glory is all yours. Thanks for taking us along with you in your journey; it was a joy. And, for me personally, it allowed me to relive my own experience through your trek and brought back fond memories.

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey! What great pics! What has been the most difficult part of being back in the “real world”? What do you miss the most about the Trail?

  10. What a fantastic end to an incredible journey! Thanks for letting us all follow you! What would your advice be to a couple who is simply dead set on thru-hiking, but has zero experience backpacking. i mean, if you had received advice before you began, what would have been most helpful?

    Thanks again for sharing! It’s been great following you both!


  11. Hey Lindsey – I am a HS teacher at Dirigo HS in Dixfield, ME. I use the AT in my classroom. Typically we do a service-learning project in the spring with my 9th grade English class. I am ALWAYS hoping to get young, energetic, dynamic thru-hikers in my classroom. Is that something you and Miles would be interested in? I cannot offer much (a lot of thanks and good good energy from the kids and me – but nothing in the way of $$). Please let me know if you are interested. I was out on Little Bigelow with my husband and dogs today and saw a bunch of Northbounders. They were happy the sun was shining and hoping for no more rain. Headed to Katahdin. Looks like a good stretch of weather for them. Hope you are enjoying autumn in your home state. It is the best place to live. K

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