We’re on the news! And we’re doing a presentation!

Miles and I headed up to Augusta last Monday on a cold morning for a tv interview with WABI TV5. We were a little nervous, or at least I was nervous. I’m usually the one behind the camera either running the camera or conducting the interview. With the roles reversed, we sat on an ice cold granite bench in Capitol Park in front of the State House and talked with Rob Poindexter about our thru-hike. Check out or TV debut:

Dirigo Bound on TV5

We also wanted to let you all know that we are doing a presentation on our thru-hike at the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport this Sunday, November 17th at 6:30 PM. Admission is free, but we really encourage anyone attending to make a donation to the Alamo for letting us use the theatre. They host great community events throughout the year and we want to help them continue to do so. Fun fact: Miles worked there in high school and I did an internship there a few years ago. Not to mention that we’ve been going there for movies since we were kids.

We’ll be showing a video of our hike in the beginning, then doing a presentation on as much as we can talk about in an hour. We’ll be bringing our gear and having a Q&A at the end. We would love to meet some of you and see anyone we haven’t seen in awhile as well!

So remember, this Sunday, November 17th at 6:30PM at the Alamo Theatre in Bucksport.

We’re really excited for this opportunity to share our hike with the community and we hope to see you there! We promise it will be anything but a bore.

7 thoughts on “We’re on the news! And we’re doing a presentation!

  1. I can’ believe it!! I just read this post and I am so excited!!! We will be in Bucksport on Sunday (we are from Massachusetts) to see my niece in the play Grease at Bucksport High School!!! Looking forward to meeting you!!

  2. I enjoyed the TV clip; we are so delighted for all you’ve already accomplished and confident there’s much more in your bright futures.

  3. “Petty nonsense” pretty much says it. Great clip guys. Nice to know all is well.
    Miles, what do you want to coach? I am a coach and a section hiker.
    Take care

    1. Chris, I have coached high school girls basketball and high school boys and girls soccer in the past (mostly goalkeeping). I’m currently only doing part time goalkeeping coaching for a club team in southern Maine.

      We have a ton of respect for section hikers; their will power to come back to the trail year in, year out is impressive. Not to mention the logistics of section hiking. Are you trying to complete the entire AT through section hiking?

      Thanks for following our journey!

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