Sharing A Thru-Hike

After some last minute preparation on the day of, we were able to pull off our presentation at the Alamo Theatre last night in Bucksport. We tried to keep things concise, but that’s pretty hard to do when you have an entire thru-hike to talk about! We had a good time sharing our stories of the trail and it was first time we had done so “formally,” so I was a bit nervous. I don’t normally talk that much in front of a crowd and because of that fact, I did lose my voice some this morning.

We had over 80 people there last night! Miles and I hoped for a good turn-out, but we never expected there to be so many people who wanted to hear about our hike. THANK YOU to everyone who came out! Some of whom came from Massachusetts and Portland! We were able to meet some of blog followers, talk to friends we’ve known for years, and even got to see FOUR other thru-hikers that we hiked with this year! Tin Cup, HOBO, Knight Rider, and Prometheus came from all over the state of Maine and we’re so glad that they came.

Some of you asked if we could film the presentation, which we did. Unfortunately, we talked for more than the 80 minutes that the memory cards on the camera allowed for, so the entire presentation was not recorded. I hope to upload that to YouTube within the next couple of days to share with everyone what we did get on video. Maybe we’ll do the rest of it at our apartment if anyone is interested in seeing the rest.

To hold you over, I wanted to share a short video I edited about our thru-hike that I showed in the beginning of our presentation last night. A glimpse into our lives as thru-hikers.

15 thoughts on “Sharing A Thru-Hike

  1. Friends who were at the Alamo were very impressed, even though I had already told them how awesome you both are! Marvelous video, Lindseny.

  2. You two did an amazing job together last night and you had a captive audience. Good work all around and I am proud to be your mom!!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. It was great! I enjoyed reading your journals so much.Being from South Jersey, I contemplated driving up to see your presentation first hand. I’m disappointed that your presentation was not recorded. Hopefully , you will put what did record on your next Blog. Thanks so much for sharing your Trail experiences.

  4. GREAT!!!!!!!
    Watching this video and following your blog makes me sure that I will return next year!
    Currently I’m planing tohike from Harpers Ferry –> Katahdin next year. 🙂

  5. It was so good to meet you on Sunday night. Great presentation! To use someone else’s words, it was captivating, engaging! I have always been fascinated by people who have hiked the trail for their gumption and drive. You, two, have that and more! Miles mentioned the ‘mental game’ a few times. I wonder what that was like! The thoughts, emotions? Especially the ‘Debbie Downer’ thinking. I wish I had thought to ask you that question. Not to be a Debbie Downer myself, but I can imagine what would be going through my head at times.

    That is unfortunate about the recording. I know my sister’s family would have liked to be at the Alamo, but they had to go to a ‘cast’ party for Grease.

    Thank you for sharing your journey….

  6. Lindsey and Miles, you two are the best..congratulations on such an accomplishment and on your engagement. D. Kee and I are so proud that you are from our community, and know you will be shining stars..examples for all. Paula Kee

  7. Enjoyed the presentation very much. Unfortunately I had to leave before the conclusion. It was great that you had such a good turnout!

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