Save the Alamo!

For many, many reasons I want to let you all know about an important cause that means a lot to Miles and I. It does connect to our thru-hike, but there’s much more to this cause than that. You may remember that we did a presentation back in November at the Alamo Theatre in our hometown of Bucksport. We had an amazing turnout and we owe many thanks to the Alamo for allowing us to do our presentation to the community free of charge, although we encouraged attendees to donate, which they did. And very generously at that. The Alamo Theatre is a downtown gem in our little hometown. Films are screened every weekend that bring people from all over the area together to enjoy the moving pictures and an affordable and delicious bag of popcorn. They host community events such as ours and even do an outdoor movie during the Bay Festival in July. 

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But, the Alamo Theatre is in trouble. With the move towards solely digital distribution in Hollywood, the Alamo can no longer show films unless they switch over to digital projection. They need to raise $50,000 in order to purchase this digital projection equipment and more importantly to keep this local, historic theatre up and running. Built in 1916 when the movies were becoming a popular pastime, the Alamo Theatre has stood on Main Street as a historical and architectural gem ever since. Northeast Historic Film purchased the building in 1992 and brought the movies back to Bucksport and the surrounding communities.

Some of my earliest memories of the Alamo are going to see Santa Claus and to see the Christmas film, Prancer. I played the drums in my middle school jazz band during the groundbreaking of their three-story archival film vault, held the sweaty hands of a few middle school boyfriends, and ate countless bags of buttered popcorn with my friends and family while enjoying our “suspension of disbelief” at the movies. Miles worked at the Alamo all throughout high school and many nights I would come after the late movie let out and help him sweep and vacuum the aisles. I even did a summer internship there during college categorizing archival works.

The Alamo Theatre is a very special place that holds many memories for us and we would hate to see it become a thing of the past. If the Alamo has been a special place for you as well or if you’re a supporter of local theaters and local businesses, I urge you to support the Alamo Theatre. As of today, they have raised almost $10,000! But, there’s still a long way to go and every single dollar counts. By donating, you can receive a gift of appreciation from the Alamo, from a small popcorn to 4 movie tickets, popcorn, drinks, and 4 VIP passes to any concert at the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor.

Please take a moment to visit their fundraising page here and support a local, Maine gem! 

And to quote one of my favorite childhood films, “Let’s go to the movies, Annie, wait and see!

7 thoughts on “Save the Alamo!

  1. I had heard this was an issue with small town theaters but assumed with the recent upgrades that the Alamo was safe. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  2. I had heard this was an issue with small town theaters but assumed with the recent upgrades that the Alamo was safe. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I love being just a 5 minute walk awayas opposed to driving a half hour+ to Bangor to catch a flick. “Life didn’t turn out the way I expected” Roy Hobbs–‘The Natural’

  3. Your mom has every reason to be proud. I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to receive your donation and then this blog post. Thank you so much. The Alamo Theatre loves being your community cinema!

  4. Thanks, Lindsey. I’ve sent this on to several Castine friends who are often found at the Alamo on weekends!


    A bulbous plant the little crocus- Always first in spring to pocus Head up

    EB White


  5. We are spreading the word Jane….don’t know what we’d do without our Alamo! We have been so fortunate to have it here in our little town.

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