On the Trail in 2014

Just a couple of quick, but very important things to mention to everyone. I meant to do this weeks ago, but just remembered while I was at my computer!

A friend from college, RayLynn, is thru-hiking the AT this year and so I wanted to give you all a heads up since I know some of you enjoy following several hikers along their journeys! Her trail name is Bluebird and she just went through Harpers Ferry! I’m very excited to see a fellow Emersonian out on the trail, so please send encouraging words her way as she enters the northern half of the AT soon. Check out her Facebook page and blog!

Remember our good friend, Phys Ed, from the trail last year? We stayed at his house in Gettysburg, which was also the last time we saw him. Due to health reasons, he had to get off just past the New Jersey/New York border, which we were so bummed to find out. But, the good news is that he’s back out on the AT to finish his hike all the way to Katahdin, picking up where he left off in New York. We are planning on either hiking with Phys Ed for a couple of days or pick him up for a night off the trail at our place. Regardless, there will be plenty of trail magic involved. Enjoy the journey, Phys Ed, we can’t wait to see you soon!

4 thoughts on “On the Trail in 2014

  1. Hah! I actually met Bluebird on top of Albert Mountain towards the end of what would become my section hike of the AT. Very cool woman, it was fun to meet in person, as we’d both followed each other’s blogs! Glad she’s still rockin’ the Trail

  2. I have been following Bluebird’s blog, but she hasn’t updated in a while? Hope she is ok.

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