Summer in Vacationland

There’s a reason us Mainers stay put in the summer. Summer in Maine is THE BEST. No kidding here. Especially when you live a two-minute walk from the beach. Summer continues to be a busy season for us and we are fast approaching my sister’s wedding this Saturday.

Back in late June, we were fortunate enough to do some trail magic for YOLO, a section hiker from Germany that we met last year in Virginia. He ended in Harpers Ferry last year and thought he would finish his Appalachian Trail journey there for good. But, after some time away from the trail and keeping up with our journey north, he decided to come back and hike again this year. He made it into Maine, and will finish the last 250ish miles next year. Miles picked YOLO up in Oquossoc and drove him back to Portland to stay a couple of nights with us before he headed to Boston to fly back to Germany. Miles bought some snacks and drinks for hikers he came across, but he only saw YOLO. I was heading back from Hoboken that day, so I saw YOLO later that night. The next day, Miles and YOLO hung out while I was at work and then we met up later at a bar for the Germany vs. Algeria World Cup game. It was great that we were able to watch Germany play as YOLO is of course a fan, as is Miles. Afterwards, we went to a new Sicilian pizza place/beer garden called Slab in downtown Portland. Miles and YOLO enjoyed some German beer while I opted for an American stout. While our time with YOLO was short, we so enjoyed being able to spend time with him off-trail and help him out on his section hike. We hope to see him again next year when he returns to finish his hike: destination Katahdin.

Other summer activities have included going to the beach, training for the Maine Half-Marathon, suffering from bronchitis and sinusitis simultaneously (that would be me!), celebrating two wonderful friends’ wedding, and running 5Ks.

Miles, my parents, and I at the DMB show.
Miles, my parents, and I at the DMB show.
Attempting to be fresh at our friends' wedding.
Attempting to be fresh at our friends’ wedding.
Miles as the chauffeur for my sister's bachelorette party. And yes, I'm wearing cat ears.
Miles as the chauffeur for my sister’s bachelorette party. And yes, I’m wearing cat ears.

As our one-and-only summer vacation plans roll into place, I’m excited to say that we’re doing a 4-day section hike on the AT next week!!! As our one-year anniversary of entering Maine just passed on the 25th and our one-year anniversary since the end of our hike is approaching, we couldn’t not hike the AT this summer. I bought some new hiking poles since my thru-hike ones are worn down and stuck in the collapsed position. I also purchased some new Darn Tough socks. My other ones never recovered from our hike…but I think I’ll keep them anyways. 🙂 We both got some new trail runners as well earlier this summer. Miles bought the same pair of Oboz he had gotten in DC last May and I went with the updated model of the Brooks Cascadia. Other than that, all of our other gear we can re-use from our thru-hike. We are also super excited that we will be able to hike with our friend, Phys Ed as well! He was one of our favorite people we met on the trail and for those of you who don’t remember, Phys Ed had to get off trail in New York. But, he got back on this year and is now in Maine. We hope to do some trail magic the day before we start our section hike and to let Phys Ed stay with us for a day or two in Portland before we bring him back to the trail.

So…any guesses as to where we’ll be doing our section-hike next week???

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