2015 Adventures

There are ups to having a real job: vacation time. And adventure time.

Miles and I have decided that we want to finish the Long Trail. In August, we will hike about half of the section north of the AT over 5 days and then do the other half next year.

And the other adventure is still in the works, but I’m about 90% sure it will include Iceland and Scotland in October. Apart from working full-time during the week, I will be shooting 11 weddings this summer, the majority of them in August and September. Not to mention, two of those weekends I have two weddings, aka 4 weddings in a span of two weeks! A vacation will be much needed and I have wanted to travel to Scotland ever since I went to Ireland 5 years ago. Plus, Iceland is pretty awesome (or so I’ve heard), and it’s right on the way.

Cuillin-mountains-scotland-backside aurora-borealis-or-northern-lights-iceland-3

Time to plan new adventures!

4 thoughts on “2015 Adventures

  1. You always have to make time to “play”! “Moving On” AT 2014 and I hope to finish the Long Trail this summer after the NFCT. If we are out there in August I’ll keep my eye out for you two.
    Thin Mint

  2. Followed your AT hike, at least until I went hiking for a month in Scotland, May ’13 to June ’13. Highly recommend it as I used to live there as well. I also recommend, if you are interested in advice, hiking in mid May to early June. This is the “dry” time and the midges are NOT out yet. Be careful of the lambs and enjoy the cool air and green spaces. Ups and downs were the long daylight hours (not likely as long as Iceland) vs. deforestation in some areas where the trails meander to make it somewhat depressing. Thankfully they are traversed quickly.
    Hiked from east to west, west to east and then south, Fort William to Inverness, down to the Speyside Way to Aviemore, from Aviemore along the East Highland Way (not well marked, use compass/maps) back to Fort William and then south to Glasgow (against the flow of 99% northbounders). Roughly 300+ miles, easy for you guys! Obviously the rules about camping are different, but I used a mixture of wild camping, caravan/camping sites along with the occasional B&B.
    Someday I’ll get back and hike from Glasgow to Cape Wrath, …… some day! Have fun.

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