PCT 2018 Gear List


Let’s get right to the gear…

You can check out my LighterPack list here.
BASE WEIGHT = 13.28 lbs.

a photo of LighterPack gear breakdownphoto of pct gear 2018

A few points before we dive in:
  • I am hiking with my fiancé who will be carrying our cook-set and tent body, so you won’t see these items on my list here.
  • After taking the photos, I decided to carry my GoPro HER04 Session and is included in my LighterPack.
  • Sierra items are included in my LighterPack, but without weights as I wanted to show my base weight for the beginning of the trail.

a photo of the big three
photo of gear list


pct clothingGEAR LIST




a photo of water filtering pctpct gear 2018



A PHOTO OF pct electronics gear a photo of pct gear list



toiletries pct gear list 2018 gear list pct 2018


a photo of pct gear 2018 PCT GEAR LIST


bear canistermicrospikes
ice axeDEETbug head net
Sierra pct 2018 gear list

And since you made it all the way to the end, I’ll reward you with a few more details…
  • I’m carrying only THREE of the same items that I used on my 2013 AT thru-hike: nail clippers, duct tape, and a 2L stuff sack. Exciting, huh? When I began planning my gear list last year, I thought I would be re-using WAY more from the AT. Nope.


  • HINT if you like using small plastic bags for keeping things dry and organized: I used the bag that my Dirty Girl gaiters came in for my first aid kit and the bag from my Gossamer Gear pack liners for my journal.


  • I’m a terrible sleeper. I contemplated purchasing an inflatable sleeping pad; however, I chose not to after considering the risk of puncture and my noisy side-to-side switching. I decided to stick with the Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sol as I did on the AT, but upgrade to full-length. I found it comfortable except on my hips. Every night, I would wake up on one side and switch over to the other – again and again. Coincidentally, my new Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60 pack has a removable foam pad, so I’ve decided to secure that to the middle of my sleeping pad for extra support. My cat, Pi will demonstrate its comfort…

a photo of a cat on a sleeping pad for camping

The “Right” Gear

I have spent hours and hours attempting to make the best gear choices possible; however, I know from experience that this list will change along the trail. Accepting the fact that you don’t have to get all of your gear picks “right” from the beginning takes a lot of weight off your shoulders. There’s always time for change and improvement along the way.

My gear list is not perfect and I’m perfectly okay with that.


Also, still attempting to convince my cat that he wants to live on top of my pack for 5 months…

a photo of a white cat on a quilt



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