Our Pacific Crest Trail Hike in 20 Minutes


It’s been a minute (or a few months) since I’ve shared any Pacific Crest Trail-related updates here. While my remaining blog posts await to polished due to general procrastination, I promise I haven’t been completely idle.

Instead of blogging, I made a push to edit my footage together into a 20 minute video. Last week, I FINALLY completed my video of our 1500 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018! While it’s impossible to capture every single moment of our hike, there’s plenty of walking, eating, dirty feet, incredible views, and even our two hair-raising bear encounters.

Click here to see our 3 month Pacific Crest Trail hike condensed to 20 minutes.

Sure, it hurt a little watching the video through and seeing our hike end in Dunsmuir, California at Mile 1501.2. But, if anything, creating this video has only strengthened our determination to finish the remaining 1100 miles to Canada. We’re giving ourselves a window of 5 years in which to reach our goal.

Whether we hike that 1100 miles in one summer or in four, I’ll be damned if we hit 35 years old and haven’t hiked to that border.

a photo of a sunrise on the Pacific Crest Trail

For a look at our 2013 AT thru-hike – click here.

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