Dirigo Hike is a hiking and outdoor adventure-based blog that began in 2013 when I (Lindsey) and my fiancé Miles thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. Our first backpacking experience EVER, we spent 5 months living out of our packs and meeting some of the truest friends on the trail.

Formerly Dirigo Bound, I wrote a daily blog for our AT thru-hike documenting the most challenging and rewarding experience of our lives thus far.

We live in Portland, Maine and base our traveling and hiking from there. Our hiking travels have taken us up and down the Appalachian Trail, across the state of Maine, to California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Scotland, and Iceland.

With Dirigo Hike as our home base, I aim to share our hiking and backpacking experiences from Maine to California to Europe.


Lindsey "Flash" Gordon

Lindsey (trail name: Flash Gordon) is the author and maintainer of Dirigo Hike. Miles is just along for the joy ride.

Born and raised in the state of Maine in a small mill town at the mouth of the Penobscot River, Lindsey grew up in the outdoors and exploring the trails with her two sisters in her backyard – whether by foot or by cross-country skis. Every summer Lindsey and her family would go hiking and biking in Acadia National Park where she learned to love walking up and down mountains.

In high school, she joined the Outing Club, and took a life-changing trip to Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Canyon National Parks. The exposure to the grand hiking out west exposed her to the greater world of hiking and later, backpacking.

She transplanted to the city for her college years, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Documentary Production from Emerson College in 2010. Emerson was also where she found a passion for photography after spending hours upon hours in the darkroom developing and printing photos.

Just a month after graduation, she moved to Portland, Maine and found a small city (not too far from the mountains) that she has called home ever since. Lindsey and her oldest sister, Jessica own a photography business documenting families, weddings, and food. She also works for a locally-owned restaurant chain as a part of the marketing team.

After thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail together in 2013, Lindsey and Miles found their home base in a small apartment in South Portland where they live today along with their much beloved cat, Pi.

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  1. Good luck on your thru hike. I’ll be right behind you, starting March 22. I have a film degree from MSU–Montana State–1972. I’ll be shooting on the trail with a Lumix fz200, single and double system sound, light tripod, tweeting via Spot Connect and iPhone. Vimeo.com/liedlefilms Twitter: @tedlie Hope to see you two on the trail!

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